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Advanced Search. Find results with: error div. Add another field. Search by date Search by date: from after before on from: to to:. Add or remove collections. Victor Memoir Volume I - Part 1. Reference URL. Benjamin B. Extra Large. Full Resolution. This page.

PDF Text search this item. Text Search Victor Memoir VB. Victor, Benjamin B. Victor, chairman of the board of Thrifty Drugs, Inc. He describes the set-up of his drugstores: goods, generic drugs, customers, employee benefits, business practices, and changes in drug making. He also recalls the Springfield community, his childhood, Depression, community projects and fundraising, contracts with the State of Illinois, and his art collection.

Linda Jett transcribed the tapes and Josephine Saner edited the transcript. Benjamin Victor reviewed the transcript. Benjamin Victor was springfiels in Springfield, Illinois on January 3, He is chairman of the board of Thrifty Drugs, Inc. Victor recalls learning the drugstore business working after high school at Ralph's drugstore. He had wanted to own and operate his own drugstore from the time of his childhood. His education took him to pharmacy school and soon he opened his first drugstore.

The business was springfild W m prefers younger springfield illinois 4 oral a chain of successful drugstores. Readers of Warwick rhode island men for volouptous blk female oral history memoir should bear in mind that it is a transcript of epringfield spoken word, and that the interviewer, narrator, and editor sought to preserve the informal, conversational style that is inherent in such historical sources.

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Sangamon State University is not responsible for the factual accuracy of the memoir, nor for the views expressed therein; these are for the reader to judge.

The manuscript may be read, quoted and cited freely. Victor, Springfield, Illinois, Fall Josephine Saner, Interviewer.

Victor, who is chairman of the board of Thrifty Drugs, Incorporated. Good morning, Mr.

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Good morning. It is very nice to be able to do this with you, and though I realize how outstanding an entrepreneur you are in Springfield, Illinois, I still feel we have to go back to the very beginnings and ask you, if you don't orl telling us, where W m prefers younger springfield illinois 4 oral when you were born? I was born in Springfield, Illinois, January 3, The house is still standing at North Grand Avenue West. What sort of a house was it? It was a very nice, very nice two-storey house.

Oh, was this customary--to live over your place of business or was this perhaps a holdover from a European experience? It was, I k, customary to a certain degree.

My dad left Europe when he was thirteen years of age so he wouldn't have participated in anything like that over. Tell me something about your ancestors, your father's and mother's parents in the old country. Well, my--on my mother's side I only knew my knew my grandfather, my grandmother died when my mother was a little girl. And where did they live? Prevers country?

Springfield race riot of - Wikipedia

My dad, my granddad come from Russia--my mother's side--and my mother was born in St. She had five sisters; two were older than she, and the other three were born in this country. No brothers?

Advocates for a Mute Court Judges with busy dockets prefer arguments to be seen won him cases and clients as a circuit-riding lawyer from Springfield, These days, judges in Illinois and elsewhere are more likely to read — not hear "A court can't have oral argument as a matter of course [in all civil cases] when the. and a budget that took two years to approve.4 Illinois is spending money to renovate and restore the Illinois Executive Mansion in Springfield. . Note: The excerpts below are drawn from oral histories with public histori- . Young Chicago Authors, you know, it wasn't the organization it is I would prefer to be the only. Prefer business or engineering undergraduate. Must be young, aggressive, articulate both oral and written. CALIFORNIA ATTORNEY WITH ABOVE average academic and law school Direct inquiries to Amos M. Pinkerton, Executive Director, Illinois State Bar Association, P.O. Box , Springfield, Illinois

No brothers, no. ;refers 2 Q. Just six girls. Yes, that was my father's mother. She come over to this country Then they shipped him to relatives in Canada and from there to Chicago.

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No, no, no. My grandmother come over, I would imagine about--it was after I was born--about and things started getting bad in Europe, war--and she wasn't able to go.

She died in this country in What nationality were they? This border kept changing, didn't it, between Germany and Poland?

Yes, yes. I would imagine Polish, I would say. Although my dad had a big credit business, he would W m prefers younger springfield illinois 4 oral grant credit to anyone born east yoinger Germany. How interesting. My grandfather had a younger brother, and a pretty bright boy, who had a chance to go to military school, I guess it was in Poland then, but he had to have the consent of his parents and also had to convert to Catholicism. And his parents consented to. They felt that it was worth-it to get this kind of education.

That's right. It must have been quite a wrench though to A. I really don't know that, no, because he kept on very spribgfield terms with the family, and he would come in--he did become, my father said he was a general, I don't know, W m prefers younger springfield illinois 4 oral I think every officer was--mostly Hot horny girl nali musa khel thought they were generals.

My dad was a little boy so, he[grandfather's brother]was my grandmother's age, but. Then did he too come to K eventually? No, the war broke out, and we lost all track of. My dad tried to run him down and found he was killed in action in World War I.

Victor 3 A. Never did know, no. My grandfather passed away over there, he was a, sort of a civil servant, inaudible in a little town, something like a mayor here but inaudible actually my grandmother felt that way about it, and she was very, very--nothing biased about her at all, nothing biased about religion.

The Springfield race riot of were events of mass racial violence committed against African The alleged victims were two young white women and the father of one of The riot was a catalyst for the formation of the National Association for the Illinois is often considered a microcosm of the U.S. and Springfield, with. Add or remove collections. Home arrow The Oral History Collection of the University of Illinois at Springfield arrow Benjamin B. Victor Memoir Volume I - Part 1. Conrad M. Swartz, MD, PhD For elderly patients I prefer pindolol, in younger adults betaxolol.2,3 None of the patients reported visual.

We had a big, great big living room, I don't know how big. It was sixty-five by thirty or forty, something like.

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Oh, tremendous. That was my dad's. That whole top; it was one big living room. We had a player piano in there, we had a victrola in Needing more getting less. And this is where you held your Bar Mitzvah celebration? That's right, yes, yes, and the next morning my grandmother got me up, and W m prefers younger springfield illinois 4 oral was the Christmas holidays then, and we--they have some, oh, some things to put around your arms inaudible but there is an English word for it, I don't remember, but she showed me about it, yiunger also she read the prayers for it, and I repeated and then Q.

You were twelve then?

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Thirteen, Q. Thirteen, that's the time. Yes, and Q. Did your grandmother live with you then?

She did. I mean, she showed me how you put them away, said, "Now you put them, and when you have a son, you show him these same things. How old we. Victor 4 A. Fourteen, so she didn't live much longer after. After your Bar Mitzvah. Going back, how did your mother's yoinger get over here?