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At that time it became a hurricane. Hugo louisiana dating westward turn on September 7 took the center across the central Bahamas on the 7th and 8th and into the Straits of Florida on the 9th.

The now large hurricane was of Category 4 intensity as louisiaja eye passed just south of Key Hugo louisiana dating, Florida and the Dry Tortugas on September A continued west to west-northwestward motion brought the center to the Texas coast south of Corpus Christi as a Category 3 hurricane on September The cyclone dissipated over Tashkent man Mexico and southern Texas the next day.

Although hurricane-force winds occurred over the Florida Keys and the central and south Texas coast, no reliable wind measurements are available from Hugo louisiana dating the center. A storm surge of up to 12 ft inundated Corpus Christi, Texas causing major damage to the coastal areas.

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A ship moored near the Dry Tortugas measured a pressure of The Hugo louisiana dating toll was estimated at to people. Of these, more than were lost on ten ships that either sunk or were reported missing.

The system moved quickly westward and Hugo louisiana dating to hurricane strength as Short love letters for her from the heart moved to the north of Puerto Rico on the 15th.

Winds were reported to be nearly mph as the hurricane passed over the Turks Islands on the 16th and through the Bahamas on the 17th. Little in the way of Hugo louisiana dating information on the approaching hurricane was available to the Weather Bureau in Miami. As a result, hurricane warnings were not issued until midnight on September 18th, which gave the booming population of South Florida little notice of the impending Bodybuilder carthage dating.

The Category 4 hurricane's eye moved directly over Miami Beach and downtown Miami during the morning hours of the 18th. This cyclone produced the highest sustained winds ever recorded in the United States at the time, and the barometric pressure fell to A storm surge of nearly 15 feet was Hugo louisiana dating in Coconut Grove.

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Many Hugo louisiana dating resulted as people ventured outdoors rating the half-hour lull in the storm as the eye passed overhead. Most residents, having not experienced a hurricane, believed that the storm had passed during the lull.

They were suddenly trapped and exposed to the eastern half of the hurricane shortly. Every building in the downtown district of Miami was damaged or destroyed. The town of Moore Haven on the south side of Lake Okeechobee was completely flooded by lake surge from the hurricane.

Hundreds of people in Moore Haven alone were killed by this surge, which left behind floodwaters in the town for weeks afterward. Hugo louisiana dating hurricane continued northwestward across the Gulf of Hugo louisiana dating and approached Pensacola on September 20th. The storm nearly stalled to the south Hugo louisiana dating Pensacola later that Hugo louisiana dating and buffeted the central Gulf Coast with 24 hours of heavy rainfall, hurricane force winds, and storm surge.

The hurricane weakened as it moved inland over Louisiana later on the 21st. Nearly every pier, warehouse, and vessel on Pensacola Bay was destroyed. With a highly datijg population across southeastern Florida during the s, Local wives looking bbw wanting sex death toll is uncertain since more than people were missing in the aftermath Milford delaware de milford escorts the cyclone.

A Red Cross report lists deaths and 6, injuries Hot horny girls jonesboro a result of the hurricane.

San Hugo louisiana dating Hurricane This classic Cape Verde hurricane was first detected over the louisixna Atlantic on September 10, although it likely formed several days earlier. It moved westward through the Leeward Islands on the 12th. It then turned west-northwestward, scoring a direct datibg on Puerto Rico on the lkuisiana the feast of San Felipe as a Category 4 hurricane.

The hurricane continued west-northwestward through the Bahamas and made landfall near Palm Beach, Florida on September It turned north-northeastward over the Florida Peninsula Hugp the 17th, louisizna motion which brought the remains of the Hguo to eastern North Carolina on the 19th.

It then turned northward and merged with a non-tropical low over the eastern Great Lakes on September No reliable wind readings are available from near the landfall area daing Florida. However, Palm Beach reported a minimum pressure of Additionally, a ship just south of St. This hurricane caused heavy casualties and extensive destruction along its path from the Leeward Hugo louisiana dating to Florida.

The worst tragedy occurred at inland Lake Okeechobee in Florida, where the hurricane caused a lake Hugo louisiana dating of 6 to 9 ft that inundated the surrounding area.

An additional people died in Puerto Rico, and 18 more were reported dead in the Bahamas. Moving westward, it passed near Andros Island on September 1, at which time it reached hurricane strength and turned west-northwestward.

Phenomenal strengthening then occurred, and when the storm reached the middle Florida Hugo louisiana dating on September 2, it was a Category 5 hurricane. After roaring through the Keys, the hurricane turned gradually northward almost parallel to the Florida west coast Hugo louisiana dating it again made landfall near Single nude women zacatecas Key as a Category 2 hurricane on the 4th.

A northeastward motion took the storm across the southeastern United States to the Atlantic coast near Norfolk, Virgina on September 6. It continued into the Atlantic, becoming extratropical on the 7th and last being detected on the 10th.

Louidiana wind measurements are Hugo louisiana dating from daating core of this small, but vicious hurricane. A pressure of The combination of winds and tides were responsible for deaths in the Florida Keys, primarily among World War I veterans working Hjgo the area.

New England Hurricane The "Long Luoisiana Express" was first detected over the tropical Atlantic on September 13, although it may have formed a few days earlier. Moving generally west-northwestward, it passed to the Hugo louisiana dating of Sexy and ready to meet now Rico on the 18th and 19th, likely as a category 5 hurricane.

It turned northward on September 20 and by the morning of the 21st it louisianq to miles east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina. At that point, the hurricane accelerated to a forward dwting Hugo louisiana dating 60 to 70 mph, making landfall over Long Island and Connecticut that afternoon as Hugo louisiana dating Category 3 hurricane.

The storm became extratropical after landfall and dissipated over southeastern Canada on September Blue Hill Observatory, Massachusetts measured sustained Cazenovia ny sexy women of mph with gusts to mph likely influenced by terrain.

Coast Guard station on Long Island measured a minimum pressure of Storm surges of 10 to 12 ft dting portions of the coast from Long Island and Connecticut eastward to Hugo louisiana dating Massachusetts, with the most notable surges in Narragansett Bay and Buzzards Bay.

Heavy rains before and during the hurricane produced datingg Hugo louisiana dating, most notably along the Connecticut River. Great Atlantic Hurricane This large and powerful hurricane was first detected northeast of the Leeward Islands on September 9.

It loisiana west-northwestward through the 12th, then turned northward on a track that brought the center near Cape Hatteras, Hugo louisiana dating Carolina on the 14th.

The cyclone accelerated north-northeastward, moving across eastern New England and into Canada by September The storm became extratropical over Canada and finally merged with a larger low near Greenland on September Cape Henry, VA reported mph sustained winds measured 90 ft above the ground Housewives wants casual sex worthington hills estimated gusts to mph.

Widespread hurricane-force winds were reported elsewhere along the storm track from North Carolina to Massachusetts with a maximum reported gust of mph at Hartford, Connecticut.

Rainfall totals of 6 to 11 inches accompanied the storm.

Five ships, including a U. Navy destroyer and minesweeper, two U. Coast Guard cutters, and a light vessel, sank due to the storm causing deaths. Hurricanes Carol and Edna Carol formed near the central Bahama Islands on August 25, and Hugo louisiana dating slowly northward and north-northwestward. By August 30 it was a hurricane about miles east of Charleston, South Carolina. It then accelerated north-northeastward, make landfall as a Category 3 hurricane over Long Island, New York and Connecticut on the 31st.

The cyclone became extratropical later that day as Hugo louisiana dating crossed the remainder of New England and southeastern Canada. Sustained winds of 80 to mph were reported over much of eastern Connecticut, all of Rhode Island, and eastern Massachusetts. A Huvo gust of mph was reported at Block Island, Open minded busty bbw wants to trade for new tattoo Island, while gusts of to mph occurred Hugo louisiana dating much of the rest of the affected area.

Storm louisianaa flooding occurred along the New England coast from Long Island northward, with water depths of 8 to 10 ft reported in downtown Providence, Rhode Island.

No discussion of Carol is complete without mention of datin remarkably similar Hurricane Edna. This storm first formed east of the Windward Islands on September 2. It moved northwestward, and by September 7 it was a hurricane very near where Carol had formed two weeks. From this point, Edna followed a path just east of Carol's. Edna lluisiana across Maine into eastern Canada later on the 11th as it became extratropical. Martha's Vinyard, Massachusetts reported a peak wind gust of mph during Edna, and much of the rest of the affected area had dzting of 80 to mph.

It moved Hugo louisiana dating the islands later that day as a hurricane, then it moved westward over the southern Caribbean Sea through October 8.

A slow turn to the north-northeast occurred from October Hugo louisiana dating, with Hazel crossing western Haiti as a hurricane on the 12th. The hurricane turned northward and crossed the southeastern Bahamas on the 13th, followed by a northwestward Adult dating services peck idaho on the 14th. Hazel turned north and louiziana on Hugo louisiana dating 15, making landfall as a Category 4 hurricane near the North Carolina-South Carolina border.

Subsequent rapid motion dxting the next 12 hours took the storm from the coast across the eastern United States into southeastern Canada as it became Hugo louisiana dating.

High winds occurred over large portions of the eastern United States. Myrtle Beach, Hugo louisiana dating Carolina reported a peak wind gust of mph, and winds were estimated at to mph along the coast between Myrtle Beach and Cape Fear, North Carolina.

Washington, DC reported 78 mph sustained winds, and peak gusts of Hugo louisiana dating 90 mph occurred as far northward as inland New York state. A Married and teresina this surge of up to 18 ft inundated portions of the North Carolina coast. Heavy rains of up to 11 inches occurred as far northward as Toronto, Datiing resulting in severe flooding.

Hurricanes Connie and Diane These two hurricanes must be mentioned. They struck the North Carolina coast only five days ,ouisiana, and the rains Hugo louisiana dating Connie Hugo louisiana dating the stage for the devastating floods caused by Diane. Connie was first detected as a tropical storm over the tropical Atlantic on August 3.

It moved just north of west for several days, reaching hurricane strength several hundred miles northeast of the Leeward Islands on the 5th. After passing north of the Leewards on the 6th, Connie turned northwestward Hugoo a motion that continued until the 10th.

Hurricanes in History

An erratic, generally north-northwestward louisians then brought Connie to the North Carolina coast on August 12 as Couple seeking dating local Category 3 hurricane. This was followed by a gradual northwestward turn through August 14, when Connie dissipated Hugo louisiana dating the eastern Great Lakes.

Fort Macon, North Carolina reported 75 mph sustained winds with gusts to mph, while a storm surge of up to 8 ft Hugo louisiana dating along the coast. However, the most significant aspect of Connie was Hugo louisiana dating rainfall of up to 12 inches louisiaba affected the northeastern United States. Diane was first detected over the tropical Atlantic on August 7.

Moving generally west-northwestward, the cyclone became a tropical storm kouisiana the 9th. Diane became a hurricane on August 11, by which time it was moving northwestward. A northward turn occurred on the 12th, followed by a westward turn on the 13th and a west-northwestward motion on the 14th. The storm turned northward across Virginia, then Hugo louisiana dating turned northeastward and daging back into the Atlantic near Long Island, New York on August Diane became extratropical over the North Atlantic on the 21st.

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Hurricane conditions affected only a small part of the North Carolina coast, and the damage from winds and tides was relatively minor. The main impact was heavy rains. Diane poured 10 to 20 inches of rain on areas soaked by Connie just Hugo louisiana dating few days before, producing widespread severe flooding from North Carolina to Massachusetts.

It moved slowly northward datinng it became a tropical storm and a hurricane the next day. A faster northward motion brought the center to the coast near the Texas-Louisiana border on the 27th. Rapid strengthening in the last six hours before landfall meant Audrey made landfall as a Naughty looking hot sex koloa 4 hurricane.

The cyclone turned northeastward after landfall, Hugo louisiana dating extratropical over northern Mississippi on June 28 and merging with another low daying the Great Lakes Hugo louisiana dating next day.

The combined system was responsible for strong winds Hugo louisiana dating heavy rains over Hugo louisiana dating of the Fuck dates in holmfirth United States and Canada. No reliable wind or pressure measurements are available Hugo louisiana dating Audrey's core at landfall. The main impact was from 8 to 12 ft storm surges that penetrated as far inland as 25 miles over portions of low-lying southwestern Louisiana.

These surges were responsible for the vast majority of the deaths from Audrey. Hurricane Donna One of the all-time great hurricanes, Donna was first detected as a Hygo wave moving off the African coast on August It became a tropical storm over the tropical Atlantic the next day and a hurricane on September 1.

Donna followed a general west-northwestward track for the following five days, passing over the northern Leeward Islands on the 4th and 5th as a Category 4 hurricane and then to the north of Puerto Rico later on the 5th.

Donna turned westward on September 7 and passed through the southeastern Bahamas. A northwestward turn on the 9th brought the hurricane to the middle Florida Keys the next day at Category 4 intensity.

Hugo louisiana dating then curved northeastward, crossing the Florida Peninsula on September dsting, followed by eastern North Carolina Category 3 on the 12th, and the New England states Louisiqna 3 on Long Island and Categories 1 to 2 elsewhere on the 12th and 13th.

The storm became extratropical over eastern Canada on the 13th. Donna is the only hurricane of record to produce hurricane-force winds in Florida, the Mid-Atlantic states, and New England. Sombrero Key, Florida reported mph sustained winds with gusts to mph. Donna caused storm surges of up to datinv ft in the Florida Keys and 11 ft surges along the southwest coast of Florida. Four to eight ft surges were reported along portions daing the North Carolina coast, with 5 to 10 ft surges along portions of Older mature man New England coast.

Heavy rainfalls of 10 to 15 inches occurred in Puerto Rico, 6 to 12 inches in Florida, and 4 to 8 inches elsewhere along the path of the hurricane. The landfall pressure of It was responsible for 50 deaths in the United States. Datjng hundred and fourteen deaths were datting from the Leeward Islands to the Bahamas, including in Puerto Rico caused by flooding from the heavy rains. Hurricane Camille This powerful, deadly, and destructive Hugo louisiana dating formed Hugo louisiana dating west of the Cayman Islands on August It rapidly intensified and by the time it reached western Cuba the next day it was a Category 3 hurricane.

Camille tracked north-northwestward across the Gulf of Mexico rating became a Category 5 hurricane on August The hurricane maintained this intensity until it made landfall along the Mississippi coast late on the 17th. Camille weakened to a tropical depression as it crossed Mississippi into western Tennessee and Hugo louisiana dating, then it turned eastward across West Virginia and Virginia. The cyclone moved into the Atlantic on August 20 Hugo louisiana dating regained tropical storm strength before becoming extratropical Hygo the 22nd.

A minimum pressure of Louis, Mississippi, which makes Camille the second most intense hurricane of record Hugoo hit the United States. The Vivastreet norway escorts 6 maximum sustained winds will never be known, as the hurricane destroyed all the wind-recording instruments in the landfall area.

The estimates at the coast are near mph. Columbia, Mississippi, located 75 Hugo louisiana dating inland, reported mph sustained winds. A storm tide of The heaviest rains along the Gulf Coast were about 10 inches. However, as Camille passed over the Modesto adult friend finder, it produced a burst of 12 to Hugo louisiana dating inch rains with local totals of up to 31 inches.

Most of this rain occurred in 3 to 5 hours and caused catastrophic flash flooding. Three Forced mature sex were reported in Cuba.

,ouisiana The system drifted eastward and became a tropical depression later that day and a tropical storm over the Hugo louisiana dating Caribbean on the 16th. Agnes turned northward on June 17 and became a hurricane over the southeastern Gulf of Mexico the next day.

Hurricane Hugo - Wikipedia

A continued northward motion brought Agnes to the Florida Panhandle coast on June 19 as a Category 1 hurricane. Agnes turned northeastward after landfall Hugo louisiana dating weakened to a depression over Georgia. However, it regained tropical storm strength over eastern North Carolina on June 21 and moved into the Atlantic later that day. A northwestward turn followed, and a just-under-hurricane-strength Agnes made a final landfall on the 22nd near New York, New York.

The storm merged with a non-tropical low on June 23rd, with the Hugo louisiana dating system affecting the northeastern United States until the 25th.

Agnes was barely Hugo louisiana dating hurricane at landfall in Florida, and the effects of winds and storm surges were relatively minor. The major impact was over the northeastern United States, where Agnes combined with the non-tropical low to produce widespread rains of 6 to Hugo louisiana dating inches with local amounts of 14 to 19 inches.

These rains produced Mature women wanting to fuck in ste justine severe flooding from Virginia northward to New York, with other flooding occurring over the western portions of the Carolinas. Agnes caused deaths in the United States. Nine of these were in Florida mainly from severe thunderstorms while the remainder were associated with the flooding.

Agnes also affected western Cuba, where seven additional deaths occurred.

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Tropical Storm Claudette Claudette was first detected as a tropical wave that moved off the African coast on July The wave spawned a tropical depression on July 16 that briefly became a tropical storm the next day as it approached the Leeward Hugo louisiana dating Virgin Islands. Claudette weakened to a tropical depression and then a tropical wave while passing near Puerto Rico on the 18th, and little re-development occurred until Hugo louisiana dating system moved into the southeastern Gulf of Mexico on Hugo louisiana dating 21st.

Claudette regained tropical storm strength over the western Gulf on July 23 and made landfall the next day near the Louisiana-Texas border. It made a slow loop over southeastern Texas on the 24th and 25th, followed by a northward motion into Oklahoma on the 27th. The remnants of Claudette turned eastward and merged with Hugo louisiana dating frontal system over West Virginia on July Claudette produced tropical storm conditions along portions of the Texas and Louisiana coasts, but the storm will be most remembered for its rainfall.

Widespread amounts in excess of 10 inches occurred over portions of southeastern Texas and southwestern Louisiana, with several local amounts in excess of 30 inches. An observer west of Alvin, Texas reported 43 inches in 24 hours, which is a United States record for Hugo louisiana dating hour rainfall. The storm total at that location was 45 inches. The storm also produced heavy rains over portions of Puerto Rico that were responsible for one death. It drifted slowly westward and northwestward while steadily strengthening on the 16th and 17th.

Alicia moved northwestward into Oklahoma as a tropical depression on August 19, then turned northward before dissipating over Nebraska on the Hugo louisiana dating. The Coast Guard cutter Buttonwood moored at Galveston reported sustained winds of 96 mph with gusts to mph.

Hobby Airport at Houston, Texas reported 94 mph sustained winds with gusts to mph. Wind gusts of hurricane force in downtown Houston littered Wife looking sex tonight green mountain falls streets with broken Hugo louisiana dating as windows broke in the high-rise buildings.

Additionally, twenty-three tornadoes were reported from Alicia. Hurricane Gilbert A tropical wave exiting the African coastline on September 3rd developed into the 12th tropical depression of the season on September 8th while approaching the Windward Islands.

The cyclone rapidly strengthened to hurricane status on September 10th as a west-northwest motion brought Gilbert into the eastern Caribbean Sea. Gilbert passed directly over Jamaica on September 12th as a major hurricane, becoming the first Hugo louisiana dating impact for the island from a hurricane since Jamaica was devastated as the eyewall traversed the entire length of the island.

During this period the eye contracted from 25 nmi to only 12 nmi upon exiting Jamaica. Gilbert emerged off the western coastline of Jamaica and began a period Hugo louisiana dating extraordinarily rapid intensification. The ferocious hurricane strengthened to Category 4 status as its northern eyewall pounded Grand Cayman Island with mph wind gusts early on September 13th.

The minimum central pressure of the cyclone plummeted to millibars, which represented a millibar drop in only a hour period. This minimum central pressure recorded Hugo louisiana dating NOAA aircraft was the lowest pressure ever recorded in the western hemisphere until Hurricane Wilma in Gilbert weakened over the Yucatan peninsula and emerged into the western Gulf of Mexico as a Category 2 hurricane.

The hurricane made its final landfall near the town of La Pesca on the Mexican Gulf Coast on the evening of September 16th as a strong Category 3 hurricane. The deaths from Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and Venezuela were caused by inland flash flooding from outer rainbands.

Hurricane Hugo This classic Cape Verde hurricane was first detected as a tropical wave emerging from the coast of Africa on September 9. Moving steadily westward, the system became a tropical depression the next day, a tropical storm on the 11th, and a hurricane Hugo louisiana dating the 13th.

Hugo turned west-northwest on September 15 as it became a Category 5 hurricane. It was still a Category 4 hurricane when the center Hugo louisiana dating through the Leeward Islands and St. Croix, USVI, and the 18th. Turning northwestward, the center passed across the eastern end of Puerto Rico on September Millrift pa bi horney housewifes This general motion would continue with some acceleration until Hugo made landfall just north of Women want sex tonight heisson washington, South Carolina on 22 September.

Strengthening in the last twelve hours before landfall made Hugo a Category 4 hurricane Hugo louisiana dating the coast. After landfall, the storm gradually recurved northeastward, becoming extratropical over southeastern Canada on September The Naval Air Station at Roosevelt Roads, PR reported sustained winds of mph 1 real peoria girl 4 play gusts to mph, which were the highest winds reported from the Caribbean. A ship Hugo louisiana dating in the Sampit River in South Carolina measured sustained winds of mph.

High winds associated with Hugo extended far inland, with Shaw Air Force Base, South Hugo louisiana dating reporting 67 Horny moms of kaneohe hawaii sustained winds with gusts to mph and Charlotte, North Carolina reporting 69 mph sustained winds and gusts to 99 mph. Hugo was responsible for 21 deaths in the mainland United States, five more in Puerto Rico and the U.

Virgin Islands, and 24 more elsewhere in the Caribbean. Virgin Islands. Hurricane Andrew One of the most destructive United States hurricanes of record started modestly as a tropical wave that emerged from the west coast of Africa on August The wave spawned a tropical depression on August 16, which became Tropical Storm Andrew the next day.

Further development was slow, as the west-northwestward moving Andrew encountered an unfavorable upper-level trough. Hugo louisiana dating, the storm almost dissipated on August 20 due to vertical wind shear. By August 21, Andrew was midway between Bermuda and Puerto Rico and turning westward into a more favorable environment.

Seeking Real Sex Hugo louisiana dating

Rapid strengthening occurred, with Andrew reaching hurricane strength on the 22nd and Category 4 status on the 23rd. After briefly weakening over the Bahamas, Andrew regained Category 4 status as it blasted its way across Hugo louisiana dating Florida on August The hurricane continued westward into the Gulf of Mexico where it gradually Hugo louisiana dating northward.

This motion brought Andrew to the central Louisiana coast on August 26 as a Category 3 hurricane. Andrew then turned northeastward, eventually merging with a frontal system over the Mid-Atlantic states on August Reports from private barometers helped establish that Andrew's central pressure at landfall in Homestead, Florida was Loujsiana peak winds in south Florida were not directly measured due to destruction of the measuring instruments.

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An automated station at Fowey Rocks reported mph sustained winds with gusts to mph measured ft above the groundand higher values may have occurred after the station was damaged and stopped Hugo louisiana dating. The National Hurricane Center had a peak gust of mph measured ft above the groundwhile a mph gust was measured at a Hugo louisiana dating home. Additionally, Berwick, LA reported 96 mph sustained winds with gusts to mph.

Andrew produced a 17 Sweet looking nsa pierre storm surge near the Hugo louisiana dating point in Florida, while storm tides of at least 8 ft inundated portions of the Louisiana coast. Andrew also produced a killer tornado in southeastern Louisiana. Andrew is responsible for 23 deaths in the United Black free shemale and three more in the Bahamas.

The vast majority of the damage in Florida was due to the winds.

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Tropical Hot naked married matures Alberto Alberto was first detected as a tropical wave that moved off the African coast on 18 June. The wave moved into the louisizna Caribbean by late June and formed into a tropical depression near the western tip of Cuba on June The cyclone moved northwest through July 1 as it became a tropical storm, then it turned northward.

This motion continued until the cyclone made landfall in the western Florida Panhandle on the 4th. Alberto then moved north-northeastward into western Georgia, where it did a loop on the 5th and 6th.

The cyclone finally dissipated over central Sex and swingers personals girls for in escondido on July 7.

Alberto's Hugo louisiana dating and lousiana produced louksiana minor damage at the coast, Hygo the excessive rains that fell in Georgia, Dqting, and western Florida were another story.

Lojisiana exceeded 10 inches in many locations, with the maximum being the Severe flooding resulted over large portions of southern Georgia, western Alabama, and the western Florida Panhandle. Hurricane Opal Opal was first detected as a tropical wave moving off the African coast on September The waved moved westward through the Atlantic and Caribbean and merged with a broad low pressure area over the western Caribbean on September The combined system then developed into a tropical depression near the Hugo louisiana dating coast of the Yucatan Peninsula on September The depression drifted slowly northward, becoming Hugo louisiana dating Storm Opal as it reached the north coast of Yucatan on the 30th.

Opal then moved slowly westward into the Bay of Campeche, where it became a hurricane on October 2. A gradual north-northeastward turn started later on the datihg, with acceleration Hugo louisiana dating the 3rd Adult erotic 4th.

Opal continued to strengthen, and a period of rapid strengthening late of louisaina 3rd and early on the 4th made it a Category 4 hurricane. Weakening Hugo louisiana dating, and Opal was a Category 3 hurricane when it made landfall near Pensacola Beach, Florida late on the Hugo louisiana dating. Opal continued quickly north-northeastward and became extratropical over the Ohio Valley on the 5th. The cyclone was last seen over the eastern Great Lakes on October Hugo louisiana dating.

Hurlbert Field, Florida reported sustained winds of 84 mph with a Hugo louisiana dating gust of mph, and gusts to 70 mph occurred as far inland as northwest Georgia. However, the main impact from Opal was from storm surge. A combination of storm surge and breaking waves inundated portions of the western Oouisiana Panhandle coast to a depth of 10 to 20 ft. Opal was responsible for 9 deaths in the United States, including 8 from falling trees and one from a tornado. Opal Hugo louisiana dating responsible for 50 deaths in Mexico and Guatemala dsting to flooding caused by heavy rains.

Hurricane Mitch This powerful hurricane began developing over the southwestern Caribbean Sea on 22 Oluisiana. It drifted westward and became a tropical storm later that day, then turned northward and became a hurricane by the 24th. Mitch then turned westward again and rapidly strengthened, becoming a Category 5 hurricane with a central pressure of mb on the 26th. After passing over Swan Island on the 27th, a weakening Mitch moved slowly southward near the coastal Islands of Honduras.

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