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Beautiful thin white females

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Wanting Sex Date Beautiful thin white females

Psychology Today is a popular Adult personals cowan heights california focused thih pop psychology. Every other month, they release a print magazine and send out tens of thousands of copies to therapists and counselors across the country who are signed up with their online therapist directory.

They also sell the magazine at grocery stores and newsstands. These magazines litter almost femalees single therapy waiting room. I run a few counseling centers.

They are in my waiting rooms. And here is why: Psychology Today is shamefully lacking in diversity. There is a general feeling, in the mental health community, that young, white, models were gracing the cover of the magazine at an incredibly high rate. But I wondered how bad it really.

So I took some time to go back through their archives and analyze the diversity featured over Beautiful thin white females period of twenty-six years.

Femakes results were truly staggering. I created an infographic illustrating the results. You can check out the data at the bottom of this blog. Full disclosure: I recently launched an all inclusive therapist directory that Beautiful thin white females a mandate to fight racism, homophobia, transphobia and all Beautiful thin white females forms of discrimination.

TherapyDen addresses those problems and is a lot better. If you are a therapist and you want to Htin for free during launch, start.

I only mention that because it femles to fit their identity. Which is lacking. Psychology Today released their first magazine in The earliest magazine cover I was able to find in their digital archives was from January of The cover of that magazine features a Beautiful thin white females, pretty, white lady looking in the mirror. The reflection looking back at herself is a fat woman making a sad face.

Not off to a great start are we? Since JanuaryPsychology Today has published magazines.

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The vast majority of issues featured people on the cover. Of the issues, only 12 of them did not have people on the cover. Two of them pictured animals, a goat and a monkey. And one of them featured Marge and Homer Simpson. Of the people featured on covers, Beautiful thin white females them are white people!!! Only six of the covers included people of color.

Does that not seem Beautiful thin white females a really high rate? Is there no one at Psychology Today suggesting more Home alone and horny in cleveland I will say that it does seem like they include people Beautiful thin white females color inside the magazine at a greater percentage. I guess? Every single person in their digital archive that has graced the cover of Psychology Today has been.

Zero plus-sized or fat people have been featured on covers. Well, I guess there is the one caveat that I mentioned before where a skinny woman is sad about imagining herself as a fat woman. I want to see bodies off all shapes and sizes represented as normal which, btw, they are!

And also men! Where are all my guys at?

They are barely there at all. Men have only been featured 6 times by themselves.

10 Women Who Defy the ‘French-Girl Beauty’ Trope | Glamour

And all of them, except maybe Sigmund Freud and the Dalai Lama, were fit dudes. So much for breaking the stigma of tnin being into therapy I guess. Body positivity is trending more than ever right. But we in the psychology field have been celebrating health at every size for an incredibly long time. We are basically the originators of Kalispell fun for milfs and cougars your body at every weight and shape.

As you can Beautiful thin white females, the only people that are on the covers are people that fit the western standard Beutiful beauty. Incredibly symmetrical, young, thin, fit, photoshopped women, and Beautiful thin white females few men, are featured. Of the magazine covers I viewed, only two people did not meet traditional western beauty standards.

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And those two were Sigmund Freud and the Dalai Lama sorry guys. And they are both men who are famous figures.

Beautiful thin white females Look Real Dating

Beautiful thin white females get that selling magazines has had something to do with putting pretty people on the cover since the beginning of time. I know how these things work. But I would challenge us all, especially those of us in the mental health field, to do better.

Call me crazy, but when publishing a magazine designed to make Beautiful thin white females interesting and approachable for the masses, why not represent the masses? I think you can feature diverse faces, colors, Beautiful thin white females, abilities and bodies still sell magazines.

Maybe Psychology Today could feature cutting edge psychology professors across the country? I dunno. Just an idea. An animal is featured on the cover more often than a Black person, a Latinx person, a Muslim person and any other ethnicity besides Asian.

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An Asian person is featured just as much as an animal. Beautiful thin white females can find plenty of other people commenting on their cover images. Like that points out how a cover last year was sexist. Which it. And tons of therapists have been talking about it for years.

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So Beautiful thin white females can you do? Well, you can cancel your Psychology Today profile subscription…. You can also join and support other therapist directories even if you stay on Psychology Today that promote a more inclusive and diverse approach to mental Beautiful thin white females. Joining a site like TherapyDen will help that site move up in Beautiful thin white females rankings and eventually compete with Psychology Today for client referrals.

There is also likely at least one local therapist directory you could support in your own town or city. You can use a different site to find a therapist. You can stop buying the magazine. You can educate your own therapist about the covers if they leave them in the waiting room. And you can contact their editor in chief to ask for more diversity. You can also share this infographic on social media so that Psychology Today can take notice and do something about adding more diversity.

Especially Beautiful and Thin White Women. What should we do? Recommended Articles.